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The Business Loan for Doctors is a loan scheme that is designed for doctors who are in need of funds to either open their own clinic or upgrade an existing clinic. You can also apply for this loan if you are looking to purchase new medical equipment, hire more staff, etc. The Business Loan for Women is a unique loan product that has specially been designed to cater to the financial needs of women entrepreneurs.

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You can also get business loans from online lenders, private lenders, and other financial institutions. Most businesses start by applying for a business loan with their local bank or NBFCs. In case you need a business loan but are unsure about the various business loan products available, it is recommended that you first determine the purpose for which funds are needed. If you require funds for working capital, choose a working capital loan; if you require funds for the purchase of machinery, choose equipment financing.

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Anyone can apply for our business loan if they meet the five basic criteria mentioned below. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will need a set of documents to complete your application process. No security or collateral is required in order to avail a business loan, in most cases, though a thorough evaluation of your documents would be needed to confirm that. If you are required to submit security or collateral, you can check the lender’s terms and conditions to know what is generally accepted.

An easy and quick loan approval process to make sure your business needs are met on time. I have been running my business for over twelve years but have not been able to undertake expansion activities. I applied to Ziploan and they cleared my loan application in a very short span of time. To know the EMI amount, a business owner can use our business loan EMI calculator.

Additionally, we compare what different banks can offer you and help you in making your final decision. MSME loan is offered to MSMEs, individuals, startups, self-employed professionals and other entities to fulfill the financial requirements for business expansion. Banks and NBFCs offer maximum loan amount up to Rs. 2 crore (Collateral-free loans) with the tenure of repayment of up to 5 years. The interest rates for MSME loans may vary as per the requirements of your business and differ from lender to lender. Credit score determines your creditworthiness and is based on various factors such as your payment history, length of the credit, credit inquiries, etc . If you have taken a loan in the past and repaid the dues on time, you will have a good credit score. And, if you have a high score , it will benefit you when you apply for a loan.

The Express Business Loan can be availed by micro SME enterprises if a requirement for funds arises. Borrowers can avail up to Rs.10 lakh and choose a loan term between 12 months and 36 months. Lenders may offer business loans to only certain cities and towns. Banks and NBFCs have well-structured frameworks for processing the loan request of entrepreneurs. And the loan applications will be processed quickly compared to capitalist investors.

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Receive your business loan approval and disbursal within 3 working days. A minimum turnover of ₹ 90,000 or more in the 3 months preceding your loan application. Faster processing means faster credit for your business, allowing you to explore new horizons and exploit opportunities as they come your way. A timely business loan can expand your marketing potential, speed up your operations, and eventually increase your profit margins. Our loan tenure of minimum 1 month and maximum 36 months, vastly extends the credit relief for your business. If you are facing temporary Business problems, a business loan tenure of 6 months or more can give you the necessary buffer for resolving operational issues. A business loan is basically a borrowed amount of capital that is used for an investment in a new or existing business set up.

No matter what the situation asks for, you have to be ready with careful planning and stay ahead in your game. Catering to the banking needs of Trusts, Associations, Societies, Clubs etc. Credit ScoreGenerally, 750 or above for banks and 685 and above for NBFCs. Valuing customer feedback and resolving their queries in a timely manner is one of the top priorities at Muthoot Finance. With a focus on ethical conduct, Muthoot Finance ensures that only the best practices are followed with utmost transparency in our service offerings. Get financial support you need without the stress of collateral.

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