How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

how to start a virtual bookkeeping business

If you have a good and workable business plan in place, you may not have to labor yourself before convincing your bank, investors and your friends to invest in your business. However, one of the most important management functions is planning. Without planning, you don’t know which way your business is going and you cannot measure your progress. You are responsible for staying current with your bookkeeping skills, staying ahead of the competition as well as building a successful company.

  • They also include a big bright button on their home page as their CTA (Call-to-Action) as a tactic to convert visitors into potential clients.
  • You can find various bookkeeping contract templates online to use as a starting point.
  • When businesses have bookkeepers on staff who work in-office, the costs can quickly add up.
  • Even if you don’t have formal education in accounting or bookkeeping, you can become a certified bookkeeper before starting your own bookkeeping business.
  • Gain 1-3 years of on-the-job work experience, earn a couple of certifications, and then venture out to start your own business.
  • I’m curious to know if you made the change to onpay and if you like it?
  • Furthermore, this trick will help you develop credibility in your specified market.

This is a personal decision with your services being influenced by your interests. Basically, you need a minimum of about $1000 to kick start your online bookkeeping business. As a beginner, you can acquire other skills from online platforms by taking part in bookkeeping courses. To get you started, Bookkeeping Launch can teach you the basic bookkeeping skills and you can later enroll in their full course and learn how to grow and scale your business. Small businesses often turn to a bookkeeping business to perform their monthly revenue and expense entries. Bookkeepers are in demand as most businesses and freelancers need to keep records to calculate taxes and manage finances. A skilled and compliant bookkeeper should be able to produce financial records that give business accurate information about its financial activities.

Step 1 – Choose Your Website Platform

You should focus on delivering great service to retain existing clients and attracting referrals. Quality of service will help grow your business in the long run. You can start earning early as a virtual bookkeeper and create multiple sources of income by partnering with various companies, individuals, and freelancers. An additional 30 tips to help supplement your bookkeeping business. There are several necessary insurance policies for bookkeepers.

Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners. Consider whether your budget allows for paid advertising and marketing materials. Assess who in your network might be a potential client or customer. Develop an online presence with a website that is optimized for search. Determining where clients will find out about you and finding ways to meet them there (e.g., Google My Business, Google Ads, etc…).

Email marketing

Once you complete it, you are considered a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. It is an industry standard as well, and having various certifications can only aid in your credibility to clients. This is a website you and your clients can log into, and you’ll be able to see each of your clients in your account. After you file your Articles of Organization, it’s time to get your business license, which lets you practice in your county, city, or state. You’ll need to do some research to see which one of those you may need a license for.

how to start a virtual bookkeeping business

We appreciate the opportunity of providing you with a proposal for Bookkeeping and Consulting Services. To ensure a complete understanding between us, this letter will describe the scope and limitations of the services we will provide for you. There could be other startup costs such as telephone and electricity connections .

How to Grow Your Tax Professional Business

Go to the SCORE website to see if there’s a local chapter near you. Research the potential demand by visiting your local post office to find out what it would cost to mail a brochure or flyer to the businesses in your service area. You want to set expectations of you and your client upfront so there are no surprises. Make sure you’re taking steps to protect yourself and your business. My Bookkeeper Business Coach class walks you through the starting processes if you’re looking for some accountability and help walking through setting up your systems and your business specifically. I recommend putting in an initial owner’s investment of around $400, and then as you incur small expenses of setting up your business, you can pay for them directly from your business account.

You can research how to hire employees and download or bookmark any necessary forms like the W-4 and W-9 through the U.S. The process for getting your business license is different for each of the 50 states. Check your state’s specific licensing requirements for details. Once you’ve settled on a business name, secure the matching domain, business email address, and social media handles for any channel you intend to use. As you search for the right business name, check that the name is available as a domain for your website. The last thing you want is to come up with the perfect name only to find that it’s already taken.

Decide on Your Services

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Currently these standards are managed by the IFRS Foundation. These are frequently updated so you may need to adjust your business as time goes on. Bookkeepers are accountable for the finances of the people and companies they represent. This means you have a responsibility as a bookkeeper to ensure that your financial statements are accurate and you protect your clients from fraud, risk, how to start a virtual bookkeeping business and more. In that vein, there are 4 specific regulatory areas that you need to account for outside of these general principles. I’m an entrepreneurial CPA that founded Xen Accounting, a 100% cloud-based accounting firm, in 2013. Following its acquisition in 2018, I started Future Firm to help accountants fast-track the growth of a modern, scalable accounting firm of their own.

Google My Business

Book keepers are also known as account clerks, accountants etc. Book keeping is therefore an occupation concerned with maintaining financial accounts, auditing business records and preparing financial reports for a business. A business credit card will likely be the first form of financing you’ll qualify for, and it can be a great financial tool to help you with cash flow or necessary expenses early on in your business. A business credit card can also be a great way to track your business expenses easily. A document sharing program will allow you to share information, such as bank statements, copies of receipts, invoices, and accounting files, with your clients no matter where you are working.

  • You can benefit from social media marketing and incorporate Facebook and Instagram ads in your marketing strategy.
  • Lastly you’ll need a certificate of occupancy for where you plan on operating your business.
  • Project your desired revenues for your business entity at that future date.
  • However according to industry watchers, in down times, you may have more competition, because some accountants need more business to keep busy and will seek to pick up bookkeeping business.
  • This amount can be used to cater for the main costs including internet, computer, blog creation & hosting, and bookkeeping software subscriptions.
  • Plus, you’ll gain access to a support community whenever you need some extra help.

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