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Sherlock Quizzes, Pebble Art & Bollywood Thumkas Here’s What You Can Do In Kolkata Over The Weekend

Instruction- arranges pebbles in distinctive patterns to make pebble artwork. We had made flower pebble artwork and grape pebble art. This work of doodle-on-pebble art by Simply much less effort. Gift it, create recollections, strengthen bonds, and have fun togetherness. Cats are presumably the most well-liked sees and shares on the internet. Here’s a chance […]

Here’s how to stage up homes for better value and quick sale

Preethi Thomas, Editor, Livspace MagazineDecluttering is an essential part of decorating. This is especially true when you have been living in the same house for long. Decor just seems to pile up because you’ve lost sight of what it was you set out to do. And our editor puts it down to not understanding the […]