The Ultimate White Label Payment Gateway Introduction for Merchant Acquirers

See to it that your partner is compliant with PCI DSS as well as other applicable regulations within the industries and countries you want to work with. The platform can reduce fees thanks to the optimization of transaction costs and automatic smart routing to different gateways. With an up-to-date API library and documentation, the platform ensures simple integration. EComCharge offers a single integration with all gates, 50+ banks, and alternative payment systems. Now, let us address the process of white label payment gateway implementation as a specific use case. The use case is, naturally, based on our rich experience of assisting different entities worldwide with UniPay Gateway technology implementation.

white label payment processor application

With customized payment pages and checkout processes, businesses can improve the overall payment experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. PayBito offers a robust and scalable White Label Payment Gateway to businesses aiding them in facilitating fast and seamless processing of cryptocurrencies globally. The platform comes with advanced features, including a multi-currency crypto wallet and payment processor along with merchant API and lots more, which can be completely customized to match your brand identity. The White label crypto payment gateway by PayBito enables 24×7 processing of multiple crypto and digital assets in a secured blockchain-powered decentralized environment. With crypto becoming a mainstream mode of payment, having a digital asset compatible payment processor is just the impetus your business needs. Becoming a provider of payment gateway services, rather than merely a reseller, offers unique opportunities.

Partner with a trusted, global payments leader

Radar Payments is a white-label one-stop service that connects all payments to commerce. Moving your infrastructure from stack to service not only frees up capital in terms of money, it also frees up entrepreneurial energy. Move from a focus on compliance, security, 24/7 operations and support toward business-driven discussions with your customers around their roadmap for success and growth. Radar Payments is designed for use by payment service providers , banks, acquirers, issuers, and payment fintech. Twenty-five years global experience translates into end-to-end processing, facilitating an unparalleled array of payment methods, types and schemes into full commerce services. You’re free to choose any payment partner whose international online payment solution matches your needs.

There are other nuances as well that work perfectly for merchants. However, it is better to explore them, by studying particular platforms and their features. Depending on where you are in setting up your platform, you might have heard, that you need a financial license to handle funds. That is true, and as a rule of thumb, whenever you handle other peoples and businesses funds, you must have a financial license, such as an e-money license.

white label payment processor application

It will depend on specifications you get from your gateway solution provider and on your banking partnerships . Get up and running quickly with our ready-to-use white label payment gateway full hosted onboarding experience. We handle the KYC process for you as well as allow your merchants to securely set up their payout bank information.

A Beginner’s Guide to Biometric Authentication for Payments

Hips is a complete omnichannel payment gateway and platform for businesses, ISV’s and ISO’s that want to offer their customers payment terminals or online payment services. Scale your POS or payment business with a single global payment platform in 70+ countries and 60+ payment methods online, mobile or in-store. We design custom pricing and tailored payment services that work for you and your business model.

white label payment processor application

With technical support and maintenance services, businesses can quickly resolve any payment processing issues that arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring that payments are processed smoothly. Offer a flexible payment solution to meet your merchants’ needs across channels and markets. The relationship between banks and their merchants is dwindling. New players are coming into the space vying for your customer’s attention. Bring your brand and customer relationship front and center with your own payment gateway solution, powered by Mastercard Payment Gateway Services.

Chargeback prevention with Ethoca integration

With over a hundred alternative payment methods, it presents an excellent portfolio of payment options. Ikajo works with 150+ currencies, so it can be a good variant for legal entities that pursue goals of global expansion. With AprivaPay Mobile, merchants can easily set up multiple sales tax and tipping setting, view or search sales history, and more.

  • A pioneer in the payment industry, Ikajo International also offers white-label payment services.
  • Enable high approvals and reduce negative user experiences due to declined transactions with automated decisioning informed by your data, complemented with WePay’s manual reviews.
  • We gave the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS region a single place to manage its operations and provide payment services to other businesses.
  • This is a cheap and convenient solution for any business entity, even a small-sized one.

These are the top white-label payment gateway providers you should consider when choosing one for your business. In the meantime, let’s look into the advantages of having white-label software. SafeCharge, a real giant of the payment industry, is another great solution on our list.

white label payment processor application

Enjoy cutting-edge payments technology that allows for alternative payment methods processing to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. A high-risk merchant account is an agreement between a merchant and a bank. It acts as legal permission to accept credit card payments online. It also allows accepting wires, E-wallet payments, crypto, debit cards, and international payment methods of merchant’s choice. To get a high-risk merchant account, one needs to fill out the application. Once a payment system provider approves the application, a merchant receives a payment gateway, the software that allows accepting payments online.

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